1. Do you shoot on location only? Yes, and I have some great locations up my sleeve. One of them being your house. Also, we can also go to the beach, a field, park, urban setting, rustic ghost town, wherever your heart desires. If it exists and I wont get arrested for trespassing, I'm in.

2. What if I live far? Anything out of a 25 mile radius of 91361 you're looking at an additional travel fee. The good news is I charge exactly what it costs me in time and fuel to get to you, not a penny more.

3. What should we wear? Clothing, preferably. ;) But really, the basic guidelines are... Jewel tones and earth tones photograph best. Clothing with detail and texture in the fabric looks awesome. Dress your family as if they are one big outfit. You do not need to match, but you should coordinate. Fun jewelry, scarfs, and hats are a nice touch.

4. What shouldn't we wear? Shirts that show your bra-strap, outfits you feel fat in, neon colors, distracting patterns, cartoons, logos. If you had to lay down to put your jeans on, they are probably not ideal. Be comfortable. And happy.

5. Can you recommend a place to shop? The more interesting the clothing the better. Places like Anthropologie are awesome. Also take a look at JCrew's clothing line for kids, Crewcuts. Gap is always a winner too.

6. How many times can we change our outfits during the session? As many times as you want. But if you have small children I wouldn't recommend more than once.

7. Can you photoshop me to look skinnier and younger? Yes. Unless you ask me not to, when I see an unflattering bulge, blemish, or under eye bags in processing I will do a minor touch up.

8. This seems a bit pricey. Why wouldn't I just go to Sears for our portraits? Please feel free to go to Sears. ;)  You can get a 20x24 for $129.99 Alternatively, you could buy a digital camera with a timer for $129.99 and stand in front of a white sheet and get close to the same results. Now take a look at my website and ask yourself a few questions: Is it more important for you to document what you look like today, or are you looking for more? Do you want an image to tell you what color your eyes are, or capture the love in your face as you gaze into your daughter's eyes? Are you looking for emotion, connection, truth? What do you want to represent your family?

9. Ok well, why exactly does custom photography cost more? Are all of you photographers super rich? Great question. I wondered the same once. Especially when I noticed I wasn't rich. I encourage you to click here and read this article.

10. I don't really know what I'm doing, will you help me? Yes. I can hold your hand the whole way and make recommendations if need be. At the end of the day, I just want you to be happy. Whether you can only afford a few prints, or you fill your house with huge canvases, I so so so badly want you to love and cherish the photos and I want you to like me (I think you will, I'm pretty fun). I didn't choose this career path to make a quick buck, I chose it because I love it. It's not just a business to me. When I drive home from your session, I'm giddy and I have a goofy smile on my face because I'm so freaking excited to run in the door and upload the images. 90% of the time when I'm processing the images, I get a little teary eyed. Not because I'm an emotional basket case, but because I feel so privileged to get a backstage pass to the love your family has for each other. Basically, I care. :)