It's worth it | Los Angeles Baby Photographer

Today I spent a couple of hours sorting through Claire, my 5 and a half year old's baby photos. About mid-way through I came across photos from when she was a newborn and I got teary eyed Not from the sweet sentimental thoughts of her newborn


nths, but from the horror of what I had for her newborn photos.

When Claire was a few weeks old I called my wedding photographer to get a quote for newborn photos. She quoted me $800. My husband laughed. I thought, well, it'd be nice, but that's more money than I want to spend on photos... so I'll just do them myself. I have a DSLR and an *artistic eye*.

May I present to you Exhibit A


I look at this photo and I think about what I spent $800 on that year. Target... Starbucks... shoes... I would give anything to go back in time and spend $800 on Claire's newborn photos. But I can't.

When Molly was born, I decided not to make the same mistake twice. I hired an amazing photographer.

Exhibit B


Molly's newborn photo's were taken by a professional Orange County Newborn Photographer who is AMAZING. You can see more here.

When you put the two side by side like that, you can maybe see why Claire's made me cry a little bit. It seemed like more than I wanted to spend at the time. But I spent that money eventually anyway, and you know what I have to show for it? Nothing. And I can't get back March of 2007. So I'm left with a frightened, blurry, bright, baby Claire.

So, I wanted to post this to show you that you get what you pay for. I'm on mommy boards and I see a lot of posts where people are all *up in arms* about the price of newborn photography. There are tons of blog posts on the web explaining why it costs that much from a business standpoint. But I'm not here to explain that. I'm here as a parent of two beautiful baby girls telling you that no matter what the cost, it's worth it. Don't trust your memories to anyone with a DSLR. They are far too precious.