What to Wear | Spring Edition

It's an obsession. MUST. FIND. PERFECT. OUTFITS. As mothers, we all know we can't *really* control the kids goofy faces, or the number of times the hubby looks at his watch. Can't control the weather. Can't control the last 10 pounds we totally meant to lose (hey, it's baby weight!!!)

But I'll be damned if my kids look like gypsies.

That brings me to the Spring Edition of "What to Wear".

Depending on your style, your photographer's style, and your location there are a ton of ways to go about choosing the perfect outfits. Some times the train of thought is to wear whatever fancies you that day - be yourself.  Some times people are drawn to matching white shirts and jeans, some prefer pageant dresses. Below you'll find some advice that I give my clients when they ask what to wear. It's based on what I feel photographs best according to my shooting style, and what I find most of my clients are drawn to.

1. I spent 12 years wearing a Catholic school uniform. I cringe at "matchy". Instead, think *coordination*. Try to envision your family's attire as one giant outfit. Shoes, scarves, headbands, and vests are a great way to tie it all together. 2. That leads me to accessories. Sometimes simple is best. Sometimes a bunch of junk thrown together turns out awesome. Grab a few things you think may be fun and we'll give it a try. We can always choose to not use it. 3. A good place to start is with your own outfit. Find something you love for YOU, then work your way down the food chain. 4. Rules are meant for breaking, but here's a few you should follow: I don't recommend solid white shirts and solid black shirts. Be careful of distracting patterns. Cartoons and slogans are a big no-no. 5. Comfort is king.

Here's a Spring Sample I threw together. Items are from Anthropologie, JCrew and Gap.

los angeles child photographer claire alyse photography

los angeles child photographer claire alyse photography