Links I Love

Just some things I'm liking this week in real life and on the web. :) My new shoes. I felt so weighed down by my big white clunky nike "walking" shoes. after all, I am not walking. I'm working my butt off! These new shoes are AWESOME. They are super light and bendy, coincidentally, just as I plan to be in a few months. I got the gray ones with the hot pink swoosh, in case you're wondering.

My new place to get my butt in gear. Last week Jeremy and I joined the Spectrum Club in Thousand Oaks. It's just a few blocks from home, beautiful, friendly staff and really kid friendly. Paired with my fancy new shoes I should be skinny in NO TIME.

My 30th Birthday present to myself. The one I had custom made says "celebrate we will" its a lyric from my favorite Dave Matthews song (the full lyric is "celebrate we will cuz life is short but sweet for certain"). And follows in the same spirit of one of my favorite quotes, a quote I try to live by: "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." -Oprah Winfrey

The cutest backpack ever. Claire had her heart set on the Jessie backpack and lunch tote, but if she were a boy I would have basically forced her to get this backpack because it cracks me up. Also, $12 Disney backpacks = amazing quality.

In case you missed the blog post about it, my work was used to feature a new Design Aglow product.

Also, keep an eye on Hostess with the Mostess, where you will soon find a photo a took of beautiful baby Dylan.

A couple of weeks ago Jeremy and I took a trip to Napa for my early 30th Birthday present. We had a BLAST. and I'm about to recommend about a million places, so if you're planning a trip up to wine country any time soon, pay attention! :)

Nickel & Nickel - we went to their Cab Release Party in the caves where we met and chatted with Bruce Mooer, the President of Nickel and Nickel and the VP of Far Niente. We also ate and drank a lot of deliciousness.

Far Niente - we went to their Chardonnay Celebration. There was a lot to celebrate. It took place out by their pond. Again, food + wine = to die for.

Go Fish - best Sushi I've ever had. Coupled with a cute, non-hold-in-the-wall, modern setting, we brought a bottle of our favorite Chardonnay and Had a delicious dinner. Be sure to order the Ahi Poke and the Go Fish Roll (my faves!)

Joseph Phelps - by far the most beautiful view I've ever seen in Napa. The Tasting Patio over looks what basically heaven for wine lovers looks like. Also, the wine is awesome too. Duh.

Duckhorn - we went here first. Not only were the wines delicious, you drink them whilst sitting on a wrap around patio overlooking the vineyard. I have trouble leaving every time we go there because I basically just want to live there.

Trefethen - we stopped here on our way out. Good wine, fun music, interesting people. Simple as that.

Redd - also known as "thebestfoodihaveeverhadinmylife". Just walking in the place you feel calm and happy... it's something about the lighting, and the decor. Then the staff will make you feel special. Then the food will make you handcuff yourself to the table so you never have to leave. This was our second visit to Redd, it was every bit as good as the first, and will likely not be the last.

Napa Valley Lodge - we didn't spend a whole lotta time in the hotel. But the bed was comfy, the breakfast delicious, the jacuzzi was hot, and when we opened the patio door we walked right out onto a vineyard. What more could we ask for?