Inspiration for Uniqueification

Every year multitudes of families book portrait sessions with professional photographers.  After the session the photographers present galleries to their clients.  Each gallery is filled with gorgeous images. The clients spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on portraits of their beautiful families and growing children.  If you're reading this blog its likely that you are, or would like to be one of these families. When you send in your session fee you are trusting your photographer to present you with great photos of your family.  But lets say you want to go the extra mile...  You want more than just "great".  You want MEMORABLE.  You want UNIQUE.

Below are five suggestions and tid-bits of inspiration for things YOU can do to make your family portrait session stand out from all the rest.

1.  {Bring a Little History} Ask for a few photographs of your newborn wrapped in a blanket your grandmother knitted, or pair your six year old's dress with a necklace your mother gave her.  Do you have any family heirlooms sitting around that would add a little something special to your session?  Bring 'em along!  Anything you can think of that shows your family's past and present love for one another.  Even if you don't have anything tangible, there are ways to get your message across.

los angeles best family photographer

2. {Incorporate Nature} One of my favorite props are a simple bunch of flowers from Trader Joes. :)  If you're feeling crafty you could even bring along a flower crown you made with your daughter.  Not feeling so creative... buy one! Another way to incorporate nature would be to opt for a session in your back yard in front of the giant oak tree and tire swing.  Or how about booking a session during your next camping trip to capture some images of the boys fishing and the kids bundled up around the camp fire.  Anything is doable.

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3.  {Tell Me a Bit About You} Lets brainstorm!  Give me a call or send me an email a few weeks before your session and just start talking.  What is your family known for?  Whats your favorite activity? How did you and your husband meet?  What makes YOU unique?

ventura family portraits

los angeles family portraits

4. {Do Something} Let's spend a portion of your session photographing the kids running through the sprinklers, making cookies, or taking a walk down to the ice cream shop.   Think outside the box.  What are some activities your family enjoys?  Try to incorporate at least one activity into your session.

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5.  {Allow a Little Funky} Even some of the most conservative people have a brightly colored scarf to add a splash of color, a fun pair of shoes that you tell everyone were "a gift", or even something as simple as a head band with a giant flower on it for your little girl.  Don't be afraid to BE FUN. If you bring something and it doesn't work, we'll move right along.

los angeles best family photographer

los angeles best family photographer

At the end of the day, what makes your family portrait session unique is YOU.  Be true to yourself and spend a few moments daydreaming of ways for your family's connection and love shine through in your photographs.   I can suggest clothing, recommend a location, set the stage, get the giggles and snap the shutter... I count on you to bring the one thing your family has that makes you unique: your JOY.