Links I Love

Good Morning! At the risk of sounding like I sit around all day surfing the web and eating doughnut holes, here's a collection of some rad places I may or may not have visited on the interwebs this week.

First comes first, ME! Stop off at "Blogs of Photogs - reviewing the most brilliant photography blogs worldwide" so see my blog featured as one of their very favorites. Also, in case you missed it before, I was also featured on The Best 47 Photo Blogs on the Web listed as #9

About a month ago I stumbled upon a blog. I thought it was funny and that Jeremy would appreciate the humor so while we were sitting on the couch watching TV I read him a line or two from the blog. He raised and eyebrow at me and said "you have too much time on your hands." About a week later we were at the book store looking for new books to read by the pool this summer. He calls me over to him saying "You HAVE TO look at this book, it's SO funny." and he holds up the book that was written from the blog that I discovered by "having too much time on my hands." Anyway, a certain type of sense of humor is required to appreciate Sh*t My Dad Says. I hope you have it. Also, if you don't want people to think you have "too much time on your hands", you might want to purchase the book instead. For some reason it makes a difference.

Claire would protest these adorable hats on many levels. But the next time I have a baby I'm buying a bunch of these and making him/her wear them before he/she is old enough to complain.

Big thanks to my friend Mags for sharing this link with me. Not sure how I made it this far in life without stumbling upon it sooner. Wine.Woot! is basically like but for wine. Need I say more?

This is even cuter in real life. I know that because about once a week I go to the Paper Source store by my house. I hold it in my hands for a few minutes while Rational Katie convinces Shopper Katie that she already has enough totes. Even if this tote is so cute it could technically replace all the other totes... and then I'd have more space... agh! WANT!

This flickr stream makes me feel all melty and nostalgic on the inside. I could browse it for hours.

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Hannah takes a picture, and David writes a 1000 words story to go with it.

Words can not express how badly I want this dress. Doesn't it look like you could just sleep in it?

And here's a list of everything I want to buy on Etsy this week ...

1970s Style Toddler Retro Wrap Dress

Summery Baby Quilt

Mega Gold Filled Custom Stamped Necklace

Belle Inspired Yellow Retro Storybook Toddlers Dress

Modern Chic White Rose Drop Earrings

Matryoshka Art Doll

Broward Patch Camera Strap

Stay classy, internet.