happy father's day

i'm one of the lucky ones.

when i think about my dad, and how great he is, i get teary eyed.  he's just that great.  always putting himself before others, but never as a martyr, or even on purpose, that's just who he IS.  he's genuinely deep down inside his heart, a good person.  i can honestly say, in the 29.5 years i've known him, i've never, not once, seen him act without integrity, kindness and generosity.  everything he does, and everything he is, is good.  and as if that weren't enough, he's funny, and smart, and kinda of looks like tom selleck.  :)

i've been through a lot of tough situations in the last few years, big life changing choices and when i look back on those decisions i've made, i really don't think i would have made it through without him.  he never told me what to do, or judged my choices he was simply there to listen, support, give guidance when needed... and then love me no matter what.

some people have their dad's eye color, or wavy hair... i just hope i got a little bit of my dad's heart.  he sure has mine.

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