under the weather & MIA

but i'm alive.  :) i've had a really frustrating week, medically.  i got my first ambulance ride on friday evening, which was quite the experience...  spent the weekend in the hospital, and i've laid around all week trying to fight off head aches and ear aches.  after a follow up this morning with the dentist it appears that all the drama was likely due to complications that arose from last weeks root canal... see i KNEW i had a good reason to hate the dentist.  anyway, armed with another dentist appointment and some antibiotics, i'm determined to be 100% by this weekend.

if i was slow getting back to you this week, i apologize.  responding to inquiries while on heavy duty IV pain meds wasn't really working for me.  haha...

i'm looking forward to two beach sessions this weekend and determined to be back on my game! so, go ahead and inquire about a session, why don't cha? ;)

ALSOOOO.... if you dabble in photoshop and are looking for some amazing photoshop actions, please mosie on over to my new etsy shop and purchase an action or two!

here's a recent fave of claire...  this little girl can bring a smile out of anyone.  even grumpy head-achey me.  one of the many reasons why i love photography... she's off playing hard at school, i'm working hard at home, and i can still get my fix of her sunshiney face.

los angeles child photographer

"i have enjoyed life a lot more by saying yes than saying no."

-richard branson