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"Each moment of the year has its own beauty... a picture which was never seen before and shall never be seen again." -ralph waldo emerson

the week started off pretty great.

we took a walk down to the lake the one evening.  it was a beautiful night.

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we had a great night.

a great week.

we're ending the week with asthma issues.  i HATE asthma.  i hate what it does to my baby. we spent tuesday in the doctor's office, and tuesday night in urgent care when her asthma flared up and the treatments we had at home weren't working. right before we left to urgent care she looked at me with teary eyes and in between coughing said, "mama, i just wish my breathing was a little more careful."

so, armed with a bunch of really strong steroids to help her lungs not suck, yesterday we declared the day "Claire's Day".  we started the day at starbucks with chocolate milk (her fave), then off to the toy store for a couple hours worth of buying toys and running around.  then we went out for lunch...well, mac and cheese and ice cream.  she really had a great day yesterday.  and when the days are beginning and ending on the couch with a nebulizer pumping a bunch of drugs into your little body... it's the in betweens that make life beautiful.  we're thankful for our walks to the lake, mornings at starbucks, and days at the toy store.  because we're together. we're thankful for us.

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