{ten on tuesday} except it's not tuesday and there probably wont be ten

1.  i got new business cards.  basically, if i would make out with a paper product, i would.  that is how much i love them.  want one? los angeles child photographer

santa barbara photographer

2.  in less than 6 months i will be celebrating my second annual 29th birthday.  i'm pretty excited.  we're going away for a romantic weekend in napa this fall to celebrate.  i've been about a million times, but i'd love to know your fave spots in napa?

3.  i think this bag is really fun.  and also helpful in case someone offers me a glass of wine, i can just spin around and show them the bag.  bonus points, if they offer me a bottle of wine, i can them show them the bag AND put it IN the bag.  score.

4.  this is what i'm listening to this week.

5.  also this guy.  major thanks to desiree for letting me know he rocks.  i'm about to head over to itunes and buy every freaking song he ever wrote.

6.  a fun convo i had with claire this week:

Me: how old are you?

Claire: (holds up three fingers).

Me: how many is that?

Claire: 3. How old are you?

Me: 29.

Claire: show me with your fingers.

Me: I don't have enough fingers.

Claire: oh. I sink that's really old.

7.  my new blog is almost ready.  i'm so excited i could scream.  ok AHHHHHH!!!! i screamed.  because that's how excited i am, actually.

8.  the 8 on my keyboard sticks.  888888888.  how annoying.

9.  told you there wouldn't be 10.  :)