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once upon i time... i used to live in this really freaking small awesome apartment in northridge when i was 18.  i had a neighbor.  his name was james.  james was fun. he was my buddy.  we drank cheap beer on the roof of our apartment building in the summer and talked about life, and music.  we both liked music.  and he taught me how to poach an egg.  i'm not sure why.  i think it may have involved beer.  but i remember the egg.  i remember he had this smile like, the kind of smile you make when you're like bursting with smiles but you're trying not to look so bursty, the kind of smile that just makes you wanna smile too.  he was a good neighbor.

one day, he moved, or maybe i moved, i don't remember.  someone moved.  about a year later i ran into james, he told me he was dating a gal names kelly.  he was super happy.   a few years later my dad says to  me, "hey, do you know some guy named james?  he was your neighbor or something?"  yep.  i had a neighbor.  his name was james.  as it turns out, james met kelly.  and THEN, as it turns out, kelly, well, kelly is my dad's best friend's niece. kelly works for my dad. the universe was all twisty and tangly with people knowing people that day.

kelly and james grew up and got married.  james and kelly had a baby.  her name is jordyn.  they are a family.  they are beautiful.

once upon a time i lived in this really awesome apartment in northridge.  i met a guy named james.  11 years later we both have loves of our lives, and beautiful daughters, and families.  we both have a lot of happy too (i can tell).  cheers, my favorite clients ever james, kelly & jordyn.

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and my personal favorite....  :)

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thank you to the moon and back.  james, kelly and jordyn... you are one fab family.