ten on tuesday | los angeles family photographer

1.  this week i finished ordering a bunch of obnoxious pink princess party decorations for claire's third birthday party.  A. it's going to be SO awesome i can't stand it. and B. the ups guy is going to be my new best friend, as I ordered everything from different sellers on etsy.  or, he might actually hate me.  either way - we'll be seeing quite a lot of each other. 2.  enough with the rain, california!!! there is a reason we put up with the traffic, inflated prices and governator... it's called SUNSHINE.  learn it.  usually i'm a big fan of the rain, but i've had to postpone one too many sessions due to rain, mud and cold weather.  so just stop it.

3.  i'm wearing this in my hair today - which is just gorgeous.  and i encourage you to go buy some flowers from her shop.  what a pleasure to work with as well.  look forward to seeing her work sprinkled in my work. 

4.  this is claire's "i'm going to fire you" pose.  you have been warned.

los angeles family photographer westlake


5.  get ready for some big big big changes.  in the next couple months you will see... a new name (gasp!), a new website (gasp!), a new blog (gasp) and a lot of new amazing sessions up and coming (gasp, gasp!).  i'm ridiculously excited.

6.  i have two spots left in my birth photography casting call.  i'm major looking forward to photographing lindsay's home birth in may (hi lindsay!).  take advantage of this oppourtunity while you can, mama's!  people are getting pregnant left and right around here!

7.  three years ago today i was housing this gal:

los angeles birth photographer


8.  see?

ventura birth photographer


9.   time sure does fly.

10.  looking forward to a night of snuggling my almost three year old, then my almost 45 year old, sipping a delish glass of red wine, and watching lost.  what are you up to tonight?