how to be a better momtographer | part three

oh hai! in part one i said that i believe the most important key elements of a photograph to be connection, truth, and beauty.  in week one i discussed connection. In week two i talked about truth. connection is what draws an image to your heart, truth is what keeps it there, but beauty... beauty is what makes you wanna order a big print and hang it on  your wall.

now you may be thinking, "well, my child is beautiful, so of course a photo of her will by default be beautiful..." Oh touche.  while there is truth to that, you must remember, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.  YOU will, as i do, cherish every image ever taken of your child.  i, personally am one of those crazies who has never EVER deleted a single photo of my daughter.  like, even the out of focus, blinky, overexposed images still lay safe on my handy dandy mac.  but i know, deep in my heart, that ordering a 30x40 canvas and proudly displaying it on my wall doesnt make it beautiful.  you know what does make photos beautiful?  light.

you don't need a fancy camera (like i said before - that's what i'm here for!  hire me for the fancy cam photos! :) ), you don't even need to know how to take your camera out of "Auto" mode.  the last key to fab momtographer photos is light.

think of it this way.  your photo is a beautiful painting of that moment.  light is the paint.  your eyes are the brush.  see it.  play with it.

this kinda light makes me wanna hug someone.  i wanna snuggle right up and be all like - thats *my* girl.

this light reminds me of the drama that is a two year old...

and we have here a clean, clear, crisp, THIS is *my* baby...

the number one rule in working with light is - get light in those eyes! of course there are exceptions to every rule,

hey, there are exceptions to all rules. :)  but what you should take from this blog entry is that  light is the paint in your portrait.  your child's beautiful attributes, oh the cleft chin and the green-blue eyes,  the baby soft curls and button nose - decorate those beautiful curves and twists and puckers with some sunshine.  turn off your flash and open up those ugly mini-blinds.  go outside.  venture out in the early morning, or the early evening and experiment with light.  think before you snap.  move your body, get the right angle.  look for the light.  illuminate those pretty eyes, get the sun to dance in the blond curls, portray a naughty smirk with some dramatic shadows....  but most of all, look for the love.

when all else fails.  train your eyes to see love, and everything else falls into place.

the perfect momtographer photo.  connection, truth, beauty, and most importantly, love.