lovely links sunday

here are some of my very favorite places on the internet this week... really REALLY beautiful children's clothing from Beane & Company.  not just my favorite because i want to go back and time and be a kid just so i can fit into these gorgeous dresses, but also my favorite because i'm doing an exclusive clothing line shoot with her daughter this month!  i could not be more excited.  so be sure to visit HERE and buy a bunch of stuff.

if you're a mama you must read this blog entry.  trust me.

if you live in the OC you should hire Christie Hobson to photograph your life.  she blows my mind.  of course if you live in LA or Ventura County you should hire me to photograph your life.  but you already know that.

this is an awesome blog if you're looking to be inspired.

in case you are living under a rock and weren't aware that you can text money to haiti - you can.  here's how.  if you didn't know, now you have no excuse.  if you did know - do it.  now.  everybody who owns a cell phone has ten dollars.  don't be crappy.

i'm not ashamed to admit i love me some kittehs.

this blog is pretty

thats all for today.  thank you, internet.