frankie | huntington beach family photographer

and just when i thought i was really loving photographing adults... this afternoon i headed down to the OC for a lifestyle maternity/mother and daughter session (girls day before the stinky boy makes his way into the world ;) )  i can say with all honestly i do not think i have EVER met a more entertaining child in my entire life.  i wanted to set down my camera and pull out my video camera.  i'm having trouble picking a handful for a quick sneak peek because there are SO many cute ones.  the child could not take a bad picture if she tried (ok except for the one with chewed up carrots in her mouth... but other than that...) here's a couple to get you through to the big giant frankie blog that i will be doing next week.

thanks angela!  oh, right - angela was completely gorgeous and a blast to photograph as well, but i admit, frankie stole the show!  :)


Orange county child photographer

the gorgeous angela

orange county maternity photographer

"mommy, come here and sit on my lap like a baby!"

oc family lifestyle photographer

"i got my fumbella, cuz it might rain.  i see a rain cloud.  be careful lady!"

parasol toddler photographer