how to be a better momtographer | part two

oh hai!  last week i talked about connection.  i'm working my way to the really boring technical stuff, i promise, but today we're going to talk about truth.  connection is what draws your heart to a photo.  truth is what keeps it there.

truth can be as simple as a tilt in the head

chatsworth family photographer


or a giggle

ventura child photographer


or  curled piggies

urban child photographer


be on the look out for those elements that are the honest truth.

not every photograph needs to be posed.  thats not real life! 

real life is forgetting to be lady like

northridge child photographer


baby bikinis

amazing photographer



california toddler photography



socal child photographer

there are so many amazing moments  in this life just waiting to be captured.  sometimes you just have to take the time to look for them.  think about what makes your child "them", seek out those elements and click that big button on your camera when you find them.

truth is the difference between a photographing a piece of a person's day, and a piece of a person's soul.