ten on tuesday | los angeles family photographer

1. the other day i told claire that daddy was coming to pick her up and she said "i'm gunna go home?" and it broke my heart.  :(   so i said, "wait... aren't we home right now?" she kind of looked at me with a blank stare. i said, "do you have TWO homes?  wow!  you are pretty lucky girl!"  then i realized that she's lived at her dad's home since she was born.  my house came later.  i can understand her toddler logic.  but it hurt my heart a little nevertheless.  fitting that today i came across this site... which i adore.  home isnt a building. 2.  i got an iphone.  i feel like a real person now.  like when Pinocchio turned into a real boy.  except i'm a lady. and i can access the interwebs from AN EEE WHERE.

3.  this week we're meeting up in napa for a little double date wine country weekend with my canadian friends and i am SO excited.  boyfriend, canadians, delicious wine, amazing food... i'm mean srsly the universe might implode with so much greatness in one place.

4.  i was editing some more images from catie and chad's session last night and i came across this one.  i did not know that this eye color was an option.  apparently i got in the wrong line.  gorgeous, catie!

calabasas photographer

5.  peonies are my favorite flower.  unfortunately they are out of season.  i like lilies a lot too.  like THESE.  also, on a completely unrelated note, my birthday is in 20 days.  :)

6.  fun fact... i have more facebook fans for claire alyse photography than i do actual "friends" on my personal facebook page.  i'm not sure if i should be happy or sad about this.

7.  claire's halloween costume came in the mail yesterday.  i'm not going to spoil the surprise, but i will tell you its AWESOME.  get ready.

8.  did i tell you i got a new camera?  when i was a kid i got this new really cool pair of white and hot pink l.a. gear high tops.  i loved them so much i wore them to bed for a week.  thats how i feel about my new camera.  if it didnt cost more than my life is worth i would spoon it every night.  its BEAUTIFUL.

9.  this is currently my favorite every day wine.  cab, merlot, chard, they are all AMAZING for the price.  try it, you will love it.  and if you dont, send the bottle my way please :)

10.  as promised... chad juggling:

apples and oranges engagement