ten on tuesday | los angeles photographer

1. One of my outlets (the one by the tv!) isn't working. The switchy thingy in that thingy on the wall was popped and I thought I was being all smart by flipping the switch thing back, but that outlet still has no power. I thought about calling a ha

ndy man, but as it turns out, its easier to just buy an extension cord. 2. I haven't been to Starbucks in a LONG time. I used to go every day, but then I got fat. I'm on a diet now ( lost almost 20lbs!). I'm basically trying to get thin again just so that I can have my daily Starbucks again. I smell a vicious cycle.

3. My baby is getting big and it makes me sad.



4. I'm going to Napa in a couple weeks and I could not be more excited. This past month has been basically a germ fest of my daughter being sick and myself being sick. I need a vacation!

5. I hate paying bills. If I didn't spend all my money paying bills I would totally pay someone to pay them for me.

6. I'm going to take Claire swimming this weekend. I hope she knows how to swim. Oh speaking of that, my mom bought some squirt guns for my cousins to play with at my dad's birthday party last weekend. My TWENTY EIGHT MONTH OLD DAUGHTER saw them, picked them up, and made the shooting motions and sounds. I asked her dad and he assured me he hasnt been watching any gangsta thug movies (his words, not mine) with her. So now I have to call her preschool and ask them to please stop teaching my baby how to murder people. We don't leave her with babysitters or let her watch anything but Oswald, Sesame Street, and Charlotte's Web, so I can't figure out where else she would have learned this. I'm not impressed.

7. I've never eaten peanut butter and I don't ever intend to. Gross.

8. I've discovered that Perrier and Crystal Light make a delicious little drink. Worthy of an umbrella.

9. I haven't been to a movie in a really long time. I was thinking about going to see the movie Hangover, but then that reminded me that they don't sell wine at the movie theatre and I'd actually prefer to sit on my couch with a bottle of wine, snuggle my hot date and watch tivo'd episodes of house.

10. But first I need to buy an extension cord.